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avoidance of the depletion of natural resources in order to maintain an ecological balance.

Be 1% more sustainable

we will fill the other


Nuovo Nuovo believes sustainability is about the responsibility and relationship we have in relation to our environment. Collectively our daily impact on our surroundings hasn't gone unnoticed by nature. Our mission is to alleviate this growing burden on our environment, especially in our urban areas by reusing materials to make new useful design products for the home. Nature has invited us into it's home so treating it with respect is the least we can do. 


We all have the ability to be an extra 1% more sustainable, individually this is a small amount of effort, however, collectively this will make a significant difference especially for future generations and the future of our planet.


Nuovo Nuovo has a mission to fill in that other 99% of effort to help create more sustainable products for a standard of living. By supporting us you are admitting that you care about the future of our living environment and you want to do participate in doing something about it. This way you are taking steps to reduce your own carbon footprint.