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everything we create contributes towards reducing our carbon footprint - be apart of the little change for the bigger change

Hi, guys, it's Luca Parmegiani + Marco Autilio - we're Italian designers at Nuovo Nuovo, a London sustainable design workshop focused on creating products for all interiors using nothing but recycled materials. 


Working in the design industry for many years in London we see huge amounts of waste every single day. Many are doing great things to solve this problem and high five to the ones that go above and beyond, however, we've always felt that this is also our city and our world, we can do a lot more to contribute to the growing issue of environmental waste.


Our mission is simple, we develop new designs and create them using the waste materials we can find from all over the city. We want even more sustainability in the world, we believe if everyone contributes even at 1% collectively that's a step in the right direction. 


Support the Nuovo Nuovo movement wherever you are in the world.


 - the future is sustainable, let's make it Nuovo Nuovo -